More Photos and Images through Shutterstock Coupons

Shutterstock is one of the leading cheap stock agencies that is powered by an excellent community of providers of high quality royalty-free photos, vectors, illustrations, and other content for personal and commercial use. With more than 47 million content and several thousands of new content daily, Shutterstock provides users a huge library of multimedia content.

It is not advisable to use free stock images too often due to the fact that their variety is limited and the odds of finding the same content on some other places are quite high. Therefore, it’s never always a good thing to rely on free stock images. If you have the resource to obtain these images, you could also opt to go for the most affordable rate or adjust to whichever payment plan you are most comfortable with.

What is Shutterstock?

Shutterstock is a stock image agency that has over 60,000 contributors and clients in more than 150 countries across the globe. To further their scope and services, they assimilated or created several agencies. Among these is Bigstock, an agency focusing on value-oriented stock media content. Offset is another asset by Shutterstock that offers premium stock images and illustrations. Skillfeed is also another asset and this agency provides a limited time offer for design tutorials.

User-friendly to both Users and Contributors

Shutterstock is successful in the stock media market due to the fact they help in the licensing of the content provided by their contributors. Unaware to most people, licensing can be a hassle and some of its imposed rules and instructions can be as vague as it can get – simply put, even despite making the appropriate due (in either the form of crediting or paying the original creator/owner), you are still not safe from legal action, unless you have sufficient knowledge about the licensing process.

Licensing is a very important thing for most contributors because anyone can easily grab anyone’s work without consent or credit and some people would even make money out of someone’s work – which is basically stealing. Fortunately, Shutterstock watermarks sample and thumbnail images to avoid non-customers from stealing the images in their site.

Awesome Content

With millions of high quality content consistently flowing aplenty, Shutterstock is one of the most relied sources of cheap stock images for many global designers, bloggers, and creative minds. Contributors and customers engage in a mutual benefit, thus making the market thrive.

Being user-friendly with the interface and site navigation has its perks. Shutterstock features easy navigation and sport a clean look to lessen the distraction and get straight to the point with what a reader wants.  There are features to weekly free images and other media contact as well as links that provide useful information and other purposes– like Skillfeed. Overall, you easily find what you want and where to look for them.

Refined and Organized Search Results

Equipped with easy-to-use search results with a refined keyword search feature, Shutterstock helps narrow down your image choices for you. Furthermore, search results will be categorized and you are even allowed how many images can be displayed on your screen at once during a search. To add even further, refined search results will give you several neat options to make searches specific. All those neat features are incorporated without compromising the overall presentation or layout of the results page.

Reasons to choose Shutterstock

There are A LOT of reasons to choose Shutterstock over other stock image agencies:

  • Shutterstock has over 40 million content, a quantity increasing daily due to several thousands of daily updates
  • With a huge library of premium content, it is unlikely to come across with the same content anywhere else
  • Method of payment covers major credit cards. It also covers payments via VISA.
  • Affordable prices for subscription
  • Covers more than 150 countries around the world and available in ten different languages
  • Offers the option for “Enhanced License Subscription” that gives commercial advantage over regular subscription
  • Provides a haven for seasoned and newbie contributors alike
  • Equipped with an organized and refined keyword search which also allows narrowing the search results for specific image targets

Shutterstock Coupon and Where to go it

Shutterstock offers affordable price range for several payment plans, but not everyone is convinced of the prices. This is where Shutterstock coupons enter the fray to help reduce the costs. However, many websites take advantage of this opportunity to click-bait or promote their website without consent from Shutterstock. Some websites are even shady or untrustworthy and click on their links will be on your head.

It is important to check the veracity of websites. To make sure, you could even check out Shutterstock’s main website. However, there are a few trusted websites that are in good terms with Shutterstock. Permitted to distribute exclusive Shutterstock coupon codes [], StockPhotoSecrets, are able to share some of these codes to their readers. You could get as much as 7% to 10% from deals in Shutterstock.

At first glance, this doesn’t seem like a huge discount. However, if you calculate how much you could save with seven or ten percent when spending over $2000 for a 1-year subscription fee, you’ll find out you could save hundreds of dollars. Even if you’re not planning to spend thousands of bucks for a yearly subscription fee, just keep in mind that at least you’re benefitting from a discounted price.


Is a Bigstock Coupon Code Necessary?

bigstock homepage
Being a blogger or web designer requires high quality visual content to attract and retain customers and readers. Surely, there are a number of high quality images in the Internet but not all of them are safe to use. Keep in mind that free to use does not necessarily mean safe. That’s why it is important that you get your images from reliable stock photo websites, like Bigstock. Bigstock offers quality stock images at a simple pricing. With a Bigstock coupon code, you can them at a cheaper offer.

Is a Bigstock coupon code necessary? It is not necessary, but it is recommended. Just because Bigstock already offers cheap photos does not mean you cannot get them at a lower price. Imagine how much more you can do with the savings you can get from a coupon. After all, you do not have to pay for anything to get a coupon. It is for free so there is no reason not to take advantage of it. Here are the things you can get with a current coupon code:

  • 10 Free Image Credits
    At Bigstock, one credit can be used to purchase one image. With a Bigstock coupon code, you can get 10 free credits which you can use to download 10 more images. You do not have to pay anything to get these credits, too. Simply sign in to the 7 Day Free Trial and purchase the 25 image credits to get 10 more. This gives you 35 images to jump-start or complete your creative projects.
  • 15% Off Any Credit Package
    If you are looking to purchase any credit package, this Bigstock coupon code is for you. It provides as much as 15% discount that you can use in other activities. Whether you are a new customer or an existing client, you can take advantage of this offer. Save in your downloads of high quality images now!
  • 15% Off on Image Subscriptions
    If you have larger and more regular creative needs, a Bigstock subscription is for you. And, there is a Bigstock coupon code for it too. You can enjoy 15% discount on any subscription you choose no matter you’re a new or existing customer. Hurry up and get your discount now!

All Bigstock coupons are valid through Decemeber 31, 2016. You need to hurry and redeem them now!


So, is it really necessary to get a Bigstock coupon code? If you are looking to save more on your image downloads, it is. Remember that they do not cost you anything so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. What are you waiting for? Get a coupon code, purchase a credit package or subscription, and start downloading images immediately.

Can You Use Photo Celebrity on T-Shirts?

Many celebrities are aware that their images have significant monetary value. That is the reason why they protect the use of their images very well. Generally, it is not allowed to print photo celebrity on merchandise for sale. You need an authorization to do so. When you use celebrity images on T-shirts without acquiring permission and the proper licenses, you are setting yourself up for a legal battle. This battle, if you lose, can lead to a big payout to the involved celebrities.

What do you need to get in order to use photo celebrity on T-shirts without worrying about an impending legal battle? You need to get an Image Authorization. Oftentimes, celebrities have agents that oversee the use of their images on merchandise. You need to contact these agents first to get authorization to use photo celebrity on T-shirts. If the celebrity is deceased, a representative needs to authorize the use of an image to a merchandise. Visit here for more information.

When you use images or merchandise for sale without getting permission, you are taking significant financial risks. You can lose money invested on the merchandise if the celebrities prevail in lawsuits. You will have to stop all sales. You may also be asked to pay celebrities the money they would have received from the T-shirt sales if they authorize you to use their images on the merchandise. Here are other things you need to consider:

  • Right to Privacy. This right allows anyone to dispute unwarranted publicity. Celebrities can sue you from printing their images on T-shirts without permission. To legally print images on promotional items, you need to get contracts that outline the parameters of using the images and the compensation they might receive.
  • Right to Publicity. This right limits the use of images on merchandise for sale. It recognize the right of a person’s economic value in relation to their creativity and work. If you commit unauthorized use of photo celebrity, you are in serious danger. They only need to prove that their photos have commercial value to pursue their right to publicity.

To avoid any financial damages, only get your images from reliable stock photo websites. It is the cheapest way to use a celebrity photos without worrying about copyright violations. Shutterstock, for instance, offers royalty-free photo celebrity of pretty good value. However, these images are only goof for editorial use. This means, you cannot use them on merchandise for sale. You need to get authorization and contract for the latter.

Photo celebrity for editorial use in stock photo websites are more expensive than the usual stock photos. They can be used in magazines and blog sites when you are writing about the person in the picture. You are not allowed to use them on commercial products and advertising. So, you cannot use them to print on T-shirts.

99 Club: An Impressive Dollar Photo Club Alternative

logo dpc
The Dollar Photo Club offers one of the cheapest stock photos in the market. It is one of the stock photo websites that do not compensate quality with low price. Its collection is filled with professional quality images – all for the price of $1. Thus, it can be very challenging to find a stock site in its likeness. Fortunately, there is another that possess the same impressive features and benefits. In fact, 99 Club by Stock Photo Secrets even offers two times more than what DPC offers.

The Dollar Photo Club is finally shutting its doors to members and non-members alike on April 15, 2016. That gives you two weeks to find an equally great or better Dollar Photo Club alternative. Surely, there are multiple stock photo sites in the Internet. However, not one of them offers the same DPC experience you have learned to love. 99 Club offers the creative community with fairly the same kind of product at a better price.

Photo Collection

The 99 Club has over 4 million high quality stock images, vectors and premium fonts in its library. It is consistently growing, with 60,000 to 80,000 fresh images uploaded every month. All its images include a royalty-free license, model release and property release so you do not have to worry about additional fees down the road. You can directly use the images for commercial and non-commercial purposes for as long as you like.

Download Limits and Expiration


The 99 Club has no monthly download limit. Your membership allows you to download 200 high quality images whenever you like – even all in one day. There is also no limit on what images you can download. You can access and download any image, vector or illustration from its collection. You can also access everything in Ingimage, except the videos. Moreover, these images have no expiration. After you download an image, you can use it forever.   

Plan and Pricing

99 Club allows you to download 200 professional quality images (of any size) for only $99 per year. If you need more, you can also purchase extra images for only $0.99 each. Compared to the Dollar Photo Club subscription, you can get two times the image downloads for the same price. The price per image is also cheaper. Furthermore, your membership will not be automatically renewed. At the end of the year, you have a choice to keep or cancel your membership.

99 Club offers the same Dollar Photo Club experience that expired members are looking for, and a bit more. All these features and benefits make it an impressive Dollar Photo Club alternative. Sign up to the stock photo website today. It has only limited availability so you should hurry.

Get a Shutterstock Free Download to Jump-start your Project

shutterstock logoPhotography is considered as a powerful tool to evoke emotion. For most readers, the stock photos you will choose will play a big role on how they perceive your message and whether they should act on it or not. Thus, it is important that you register to the right stock photo agency that can cater to your creative needs and budget. Fortunately, Shutterstock free trial allows you to determine if the stock site is right for you.

Shutterstock free trial gives you access to a huge variety of stock photos. It also features Shutterstock free photos every week when you sign up to the website. Moreover, it features Shutterstock free download of its application that allows you to access the website and download images from your desktop, tablet, and other mobile devices.

register in shutterstock

To jump-start your creative project, take note of these essential tips:

  • Go high-quality. Readers often link the quality of your photos to the quality of your products and services. Make sure to leave plenty of room in your budget for great stock photos so you can built trust immediately.
  • Go memorable. Make the stock photo memorable. Shutterstock features a wide collection of images. This means you have plenty of options on images that will stick to your readers’ subconscious. Use your Shutterstock free trial to find the image that helps tell your story and that is relatable to your readers.
  • Know its purpose. What do you need these images for? Determine the goals of your project and find out how the perfect image can help you achieve these goals. If you want to increase conversion, make sure to get images that includes a call to action. For example, choose images with human faces and eyes pointing to your CTA.
  • Be on-brand. Brand guidelines ensures coherent narrative across every encounter with your brand; thus, you need to choose photos that are also on-brand. How do you do that? Look closely at the overall feel of the image by considering color, tone, people and props. Make sure they represent the brand appropriately.
  • Aim to engage. Your photography should pull your readers to your project. If you know your brand and your readers well, you can choose engaging stock photos fairly easily. Engage your readers by going memorable. Choose images that evoke feelings, thoughts and moments.    

In choosing stock photos for your creative project, you should take your time. Fortunately, there is Shutterstock free download application that allows you to purchase and download images on your mobile devices anytime and anywhere. These tips will help you create an effective and successful project. Also, do not forget to get your Shutterstock coupon code from to enjoy further savings. Good luck on your creative project!